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Blasphemy laws have no basis in the Quran

This is from the “Do Not Become The Unconsciousness You Seek To Avoid” file. Regardless of our tradition (and yes, this includes Buddhism), clinging to scripture or practice can distort sacred teachings. Ali Khan Mahmudabad’sexplores the blasphemy laws of both Pakistan and Indonesia in this morning’s Guardian. Believers are urged in the sixth chapter of [...]

Right Speech and the Election

Thought this series of talks was particularly timely as the presidential election approaches. Enjoy. “The Buddha,” Vishvapani says, “emphasized the importance of practicing Right Speech on the Eightfold Path. But then again, the Buddha wasn’t on Twitter. In this day and age, we’re constantly communicating, not only through face-to-face interactions but also through texting, emailing, [...]

Conservatives and Liberals Have Different Brains, Same Mind

Fine. Interesting. But best not to attach. Maybe the studies are correct and there are brain variences of statistical significance between the two ideologies. But it’s all still just mind. ABC News ran this story about a recent meta-analysis of brain research (from ProCon.org) on Republicans and Democrats – the emerging understanding is that there [...]

Why the Young Are Losing Their Religion

A student at Duke offers up this interesting article in the Huffington Post: Newspapers and op-ed writers have noted that more and more members of the younger generations are turning away from Christianity. As a college student, I can tell you that from personal experience, this is true. The statistics are correct. Fewer college students [...]

How do we best deal with those we disagree with politically?

Commuter Zen #81 Tweet

Mindfulness? In the halls of Congress?

Maybe there is hope… Ohio’s Congressman Tim Ryan (D) brings up the issue of mindfulness. Tweet

Pictures of the Day

Attachment takes on many forms, obviously. High pressure hoses turned on those in prayer¬†illicits some powerful reactions. But I find myself wondering if the clinging on display in the world, when recorded and shared like this picture, will lose at least some of it’s energy. If it can, the promise of opening can manifest. Of [...]

ISmile284 – The Fierce Urgency of Now

In this Dharma talk, Michael McAlister starts by pointing out how the PBS NewsHour’s Mark Shields helped contextualize the killings in Tuscon, Arizona. In doing so, we find that there may be some significant reminders of how tribal-centrism can be extended toward global-centrism if we allow our own hearts and minds to open fully and [...]