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Stillness. Wisdom. Compassion.

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How do we get out of a meditation rut?

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Dialogs With My Teacher #71

May 3, 2011  Student: What is jealousy? Michael: It’s a brutal celebration of separation. Student: Nice. Michael: Is that all you wanted to talk about? Student: No. I’m dealing with something pretty brutal and yet, at the same time, interesting… and it ties into jealousy. Michael: Want to share? Student: Sure. We got robbed yesterday. [...]

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CULTIVATING FEARLESSNESS OCTOBER 12-14, 2012  MOUNT MADONNA CENTER This weekend retreat will offer an approach to living fearlessly. Each day will involve sitting meditation, walking meditation and dharma talks followed by Q&A, as well as practice interviews with Michael. Cost & Registration: Depending on your lodging choice, the total cost per person including meals ranges [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #36

Here’s another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___   October 1, 2010 Student: So language, as usual, gets in the way here but I’m seeing that I am not apart from what [...]

How do we let go of letting go?

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ISmile300 – Our Invitation Home

Recognizing that all things are truly impermanent can be terrifying. So much of our time in life is devoted to keeping this fundamental reality from creeping into our awareness that we often miss the behaviors that lead us away from the very awakening we claim to want. Once we actually shut up, sit still and [...]

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