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Encore Post – Appropriate Responses

This post was originally offered in June of 2008 as part of the book, Awake in This Life. ___ The Chinese Master Yunmen referred to the most profound Buddhist teachings as simply being “an appropriate response” to the circumstances of our lives. Any time we see egolessness in action, we are looking at an appropriate [...]

Podcast Alert: ISmile259 – Stillness

In this talk, Michael offers insights on the necessity of cultivating stillness as a way into the heart of awakening. This is part of his PASSAGE series. via ISmile259 – Stillness | Infinite Smile. Tweet

Q & A: How Can I Best Do This Practice?

Question: How does one go about dedicating their life to this practice? I’m 25 and don’t have many responsibilities, so I have more flexibility and time to give to it. Answer: It’s like that old Nike slogan: just do it. There are ways of going about “doing the non-doing” but in the most basic terms, [...]

Non-attachment Alert: Starbucks Sways

Interested in Waylon Lewis’ opening on this one. It echoes my own. Starbucks is already Fair-Trade. Now, they say they’re going green—and supporting local—by 2010. If they actually do it, I might have to give up my 15-year buycott of Starbucks. I used to dislike ‘em ’cause they put my favorite local cafes outta business [...]

The Smile

If humor is totally absent from this practice, then what’s any of this worth? —Question from a renegade Zen student Okay… who took my robe? —Question from the same Zen student some days later After engaging in a spiritual practice with some degree of diligence, it is easy to lose sight of the humor that [...]

Being the Expanse

One of the biggest parts of our practice, then, is to neither indulge our feelings nor avoid them. We should just meet them with a committed openness so that we can witness them and therefore become free of our attachment to them. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel anything. Becoming numb to our feelings [...]

Still Caught

Only when we ultimately let go of our attachment to our mind and its activity of thinking can we uncover the ever-present Now. This doesn’t mean that we should get rid of any mental creativity we might find or should avoid thought in general. Nor does it mean that having the ability to intellectualize about [...]

No Mind

An attentive mind is an open mind. An open mind is a surrendered mind—one that neither clings nor avoids—which is the opposite of what minds normally to do. Minds are supposed to categorize and compartmentalize in ways that allow us to create order out of chaos. We get a sense of a surrendered mind when [...]