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Dialogs With My Teacher #54

January 6, 2011 (#54) Student: If there is no self, who sets goals and where do these goals come from? Michael: Goals arise just as all else arises: from Emptiness. They also eventually die back into Emptiness. This basic rule applies to everything, including the self who sets goals in the first place. An appropriate [...]

Encore: ISmile93 – Love

This talk was originally aired in December of 2005. ___ What about love? In this talk Michael suggests that Big Love has nothing to do with our understanding and craving of that rush that small love brings. In fact, he uses the words of Rumi to point out how what is really necessary for Big [...]

ISmile287 – Getting Out of Love’s Way

In this video-taped Dharma talk, Michael McAlister discusses how beginning to objectify the experiences of both body and mind will help us to experience life and love more fully. Seeing, for example, that our sensations and perceptions are objects, allows for us to develop a clearer sense of what is sensing and what is perceiving. [...]