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Dialogs With My Teacher #55

January 10, 2011 (#55) Student: What is the most enlightened way to communicate with someone who is very difficult? Michael: The same way I’ve suggested that you speak to someone who complains a lot; listen deeply and speak from a place of open generosity. Student: But what if they’re totally narcissistic and seemingly uninterested in [...]

2010′s Top Ten Buddhist News Stories

The Rev. Danny Fisher offered up this worthwhile read: If nothing else, 2010 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the more interesting years in terms of the growing awareness of Buddhism in the Western world.  Among other things, “Buddhism” was a top Google search, PBS headlined a two-hour documentary feature entitled The Buddha, and [...]

Shambala International: a victim of Madoff

According to the Denver Post, the Agile Group, headed by longtime Dharma supporter Neal Greenberg, has been rocked by Bernard Madoff’s swindle. This could have dire implications for Shambhala. Another potential victim of Agile’s collapse is Shambhala International, which is listed as an under-5-percent owner in the Agile Group, according to documents filed with the [...]

Just Let the Ego Bless the Economy!

Here’s an interesting post. Dr. Susan Corso offers some advice that sounds like something that could come from The Secret: It’s time to BLESS THE ECONOMY, and quit winging and moaning about how bad it all is. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not in denial. It’s bad, that’s a fact, but it is not made [...]

In the face of fundamentalist intimidation

Andrew Sullivan writes of the moving case of John Hari: I linked to Johann Hari’s excellent defense of free speech in the face of religious intimidation here. The piece was eventually published in India – and this is what happened: That night, four thousand Islamic fundamentalists began to riot outside their offices, calling for me, [...]

From the "you-already-know-this" file…

Wildmind offers us an article over at Fort Worth, Texas’ Star-Telegram: Once the catchphrase of 1960s counterculture, “mindfulness” has finally graduated from the fringe to the mainstream. “Staying in the moment” is now the guiding principle of millions of devotees who faithfully practice mindfulness meditation to enrich their daily lives. Mindfulness has also attracted another [...]

Choosing Your Reincarnated Successor?

As someone who spent a little time chasing Buddha around Asia, in my own backyard, and within my heart and mind, I found Michael Powell’s piece in today’s New York Times to be a powerful reminder about how traditions can get lost on the paths they create. The search for the present Dalai Lama commenced [...]

Fundamentalism v. Cultural Conservatism

Daniel Larison tells us that there is a difference between fundamentalism and cultural conservatism. While I think he offers an interesting position, I’d also suggest that his working definition of fundamentalism is off. He says: The key characteristic of a genuinely fundamentalist mentality is its hostility to complexity, historical context and the possibility of a [...]