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Dialogs With My Teacher #71

May 3, 2011  Student: What is jealousy? Michael: It’s a brutal celebration of separation. Student: Nice. Michael: Is that all you wanted to talk about? Student: No. I’m dealing with something pretty brutal and yet, at the same time, interesting… and it ties into jealousy. Michael: Want to share? Student: Sure. We got robbed yesterday. [...]

ISmile327 – Karma’s a Bitch

Michael works with The Book of Serenity‘s, Case #76 as a way of describing the path of attainment. He also weaves into this description an application of how people come together and separate in relationships. By using the phrase, “The moon sets, midnight going through the marketplace,” he points toward the teaching that there is [...]

ISmile297 – The Shadow and the Light

Rumi says, “When the water gets caught in habitual whirlpools, dig a way out through the bottom to the ocean.” How many habitual behaviors and thought patterns diminish our experience? Looking carefully at the answer to this question helps us uncover what blocks our awakening. Really digging our way out, however, begins to show rewards [...]

Commuter Zen #43

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