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ISmile343 – Zen, Sin, Jihad and Other Stickiness

In this talk, Michael describes ways that our walk along the path can get difficult. But this difficulty can be met with our full heart and mind if we meet our challenges with care. Even when we miss the mark, or sin, as Michael points out, we are provided with a perfect opportunity for practicing [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #55

January 10, 2011 (#55) Student: What is the most enlightened way to communicate with someone who is very difficult? Michael: The same way I’ve suggested that you speak to someone who complains a lot; listen deeply and speak from a place of open generosity. Student: But what if they’re totally narcissistic and seemingly uninterested in [...]

ISmile326 – How To Let Go

In this evening’s talk, Michael looks at the three components to truly letting go. He first begins with the aspiration for awakening. Secondly, he points to the appreciation of what we have been given in this life. Thirdly, he points to the need for there to be a resolve when it comes to practice itself. [...]

How do we let go of letting go?

Commuter Zen #77 Tweet

ISmile291 – The Sin of Beauty

In this evening’s Dharma talk, Michael addresses how beauty, and our sense of it, can be impediments to awakening. “It’s not,” he says, “that there is anything wrong with beauty. In fact, beauty is everywhere, all the time. The problem is that by labeling something as ‘beautiful’ we limit the potential expanse of its power [...]

ISmile258 – Surrender

“Genuine love, in the spiritual sense, only arises when its inspired by conscious surrender.”

Let Go of Even More

It can be helpful to know that, regardless of our situation, whenever we make a decision, we always have three options: 1) we can leave the circumstance, 2) we can act to change the circumstance, or 3) we can completely surrender to the circumstance. There really isn’t anywhere else we can possibly go. Even if [...]

Let Go

A practitioner at a retreat that I was leading challenged me to simplify Awakening into as few words as possible. Amazing, I thought silently, we are always looking for ways to speed up the process. Of course, I was including myself in this commentary since I had asked basically the same question of my teacher [...]