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Dialogs With My Teacher #71

May 3, 2011  Student: What is jealousy? Michael: It’s a brutal celebration of separation. Student: Nice. Michael: Is that all you wanted to talk about? Student: No. I’m dealing with something pretty brutal and yet, at the same time, interesting… and it ties into jealousy. Michael: Want to share? Student: Sure. We got robbed yesterday. [...]

ISmile281 – Vid: The Open Heart

In this Dharma talk, Michael McAlister breaks form a bit. Instead of offering up pointers showing us a path to freedom, he describes how to best keep ourselves from ever developing an open heart. He also discusses how ego is not the root of all evil; how focussed attention on the activity of mind offers [...]

Near Enemies

The more we become aware of ego’s activity, the less important its drama becomes. Climbing higher, we are reminded continually that the ego is rooted in self-concern rather than generosity. Seeing this for what it is allows for us to make increasingly selfless choices. In making deeply selfless decisions we take power from the ego, [...]