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ISmile338 – If It’s Generous It’s Love

Michael asks the audience in this week’s talk, what it is they think that enlightenment will bring them. He then goes forward to suggest that enlightenment will bring nothing to our experience that we don’t already have. But its realization can fundamentally alter the course of our lives. Weaving this in to the beauty and [...]

How does one balance discipline with kindness?

Commuter Zen #73 Tweet

Commuter Zen #25

What happens when a life falls apart? Tweet

ISmile221 – Beyond Pain, Part II

“Sitting in a retreat is like getting into a cocoon. Are you ready to be a butterfly?”

ISmile49 – Getting Our Buttons Pushed

In this dharma talk, Michael McAlister points out how feelings, especially negative ones, can offer us an opening into the enlightened context. There is an articulation of how it is that we create and then expose emotional vulnerabilities, or buttons, that others will invariably push. From here there is an explanation of how we can [...]