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What do we do with criticism?

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ISmile340 – The Componentry of Awakening

The most contagious thing this flu season is not a viral infection. Rather, the most contagious thing in any season is unconsciousness. Unfortunately, vaccines for unconsciousness are hard to come by. However, consciousness itself is in infinite supply. Tapping into this helps all of us inspire helpfulness and generosity, two critical components of any authentic [...]

ISmile338 – If It’s Generous It’s Love

Michael asks the audience in this week’s talk, what it is they think that enlightenment will bring them. He then goes forward to suggest that enlightenment will bring nothing to our experience that we don’t already have. But its realization can fundamentally alter the course of our lives. Weaving this in to the beauty and [...]

ISmile328 – Fear On The Path

Whether you are a beginning meditator or a seasoned practitioner, fear can be a useful tool in this work. Practicing, for example, in the midst of our fear shows us a path toward a new perspective where we no longer end up getting paralyzed by fear but instead are inspired by it. This may sound [...]

The good, the bad and the ugly… and the beautiful

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ISmile289 – Out of Pain, Wholeness

In this video podcast of Michael’s most recent talk, Michael discusses how even in darkness, light can guide us. Perhaps the greatest desire for any of us, he suggests, is to be free of pain. But what happens in relationship to practice when we feel heavy with pain. It may be physical or emotional. And [...]

ISmile288 – The Ego As Delusion

In this Dharma talk, Michael challenges each of us to look for the source of the ego. In doing so, we find that the “eGO!” as his 3 year-old daughter refers to it, is simply the name we give to the mind in motion. This label isn’t anything substantial unless we identify with it. Seeing [...]

Encore Post – Appropriate Responses

This entry comes from the book, Awake in This Life. ____ The Chinese Master Yunmen referred to the most profound Buddhist teachings as simply being “an appropriate response” to the circumstances of our lives. Any time we see egolessness in action, we are looking at an appropriate response. Whenever we can watch someone act without [...]