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The Stream

A teacher once told me that real spiritual practice was analogous to quieting life’s stream. Meditation begins to slow the flow of everything in our lives. As the rush of life’s stream begins to lose intensity, we can observe the stones upon the riverbed that impede the free and unobstructed flow of our living. As [...]

ISmile51 – From Affinity to Infinity and Back

In this talk, Michael relates Gandhi’s quote, “True beauty is my aim” to Awakening. A mind that doesn’t identify with thought, and a body that isn’t addicted to the senses, meet in the vast spaciousness of an open heart. It is here that compassion flows freely from us, even as we eat breakfast. Questions relate [...]

ISmile46 – Tango Along the Razor’s Edge

We begin this talk by discussing Hue Neng’s discussion of the present moment in the Platform Sutra. This leads us into the realization of Knowing, which leads to Action that comes not from an egoic contraction, but from the recognition of the deep Singularity of Being. Living from this Knowing and this Action is like [...]