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ISmile335 – Living Dangerously

If we’re willing to follow our fear and our negativity with our whole being, according to Michael, we are offered an opportunity to awaken. The loosening of our individual consciousness into a universal awareness is the byproduct of an authentic meditation practice that helps us face these fears and negativity with grace. Watching the bondage [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #51

Here’s another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___ December 14, 2010 Student: Where there is love, there can be no fear, right? Michael: I’d agree with that statement as long as the [...]

ISmile328 – Fear On The Path

Whether you are a beginning meditator or a seasoned practitioner, fear can be a useful tool in this work. Practicing, for example, in the midst of our fear shows us a path toward a new perspective where we no longer end up getting paralyzed by fear but instead are inspired by it. This may sound [...]

ISmile320 – Living Without Insulation

When we commit to directly knowing, as we say in Zen, our True Nature, we have to be willing to give everything up. Everything. Lingering attachments work to insulate us from a full exposure to this very life that we are leading, according to Michael in this evening’s talk. “When awakening happens,” he says, “there [...]

Encore Post – Avoidance vs. Stillness

This post was originally offered in June of 2008 as part of the book, Awake in This Life. ___ There is a difference between consciously aligning our lives from stillness and not feeling any need to get out of bed in the morning. A commitment to stillness doesn’t mean that we should absolve ourselves of any [...]

ISmile304 – Untangling Karmic Knots

We usually think of Karma in terms of “good” and “bad.” And yet these cliches don’t do much to serve up a deeper understanding of Karma’s spiritual implications. In this talk, Michael touches on several topics that center around the human tendency to act and behave from a profound sense of separation. Action from this [...]

ISmile300 – Our Invitation Home

Recognizing that all things are truly impermanent can be terrifying. So much of our time in life is devoted to keeping this fundamental reality from creeping into our awareness that we often miss the behaviors that lead us away from the very awakening we claim to want. Once we actually shut up, sit still and [...]

Caught By Our Longing For Awakening

This originally appeared in June of 2008 as “No Shortcuts” from the book, Awake in This Life. ___ I’ve mentioned that I began my meditation practice asking teachers if there might be a shortcut to any of this work. The answers I got all came down to what I’ve so often repeated in these pages: [...]