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Breaking Through the Dharma Wall

Ben Hutchison’s piece for The Under 35 Project is a great reminder of how our path unfolds when we are no longer caught by the path itself. In practicing Buddhism, in whatever form or lineage you choose, there is going to be loss and disappointment. As Dogen writes in Genjokoan, “flowers fall amid our longing and weeds [...]

ISmile333 – The Practice of Forgiveness

The more we can forgive, the deeper our practice becomes.

Dialogs With My Teacher #52

December 28, 2010 (#52) Student: What is the difference between knowing and believing? Michael: Both are activities of the mind that can be useful. If, for instance, you know something, you generally have some kind of evidence to back up your mental position. With belief you don’t need the same evidence. In fact, very often, [...]

Why the Young Are Losing Their Religion

A student at Duke offers up this interesting article in the Huffington Post: Newspapers and op-ed writers have noted that more and more members of the younger generations are turning away from Christianity. As a college student, I can tell you that from personal experience, this is true. The statistics are correct. Fewer college students [...]

To what extent should I keep my spiritual guard up?

Commuter Zen #75 Tweet

Commuter Zen #37

What does this teaching say about “faith?” Tweet

ISmile278 – Integrating Body, Mind and Practice

In this Dharma talk, Michael discusses the separation and anger he felt in relation to his teacher. At a very specific point during his practice, Michael learned that among the most important thing to do was to question the teaching. He realized that questioning his teacher was critical in moving his practice from an intellectual [...]

The Recipe for Enlightenment

One of my more senior students recently commented, “You pretty much just point out the shortcuts on the path, don’t you.” On my best days, yes. It’s what we teachers do. We try to point students in the right direction; one that will help them let go of even more. At least that’s the idea. [...]