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ISmile332 – Dealing With War

The Zen saying “Drinking this cup of green tea, I stop the war” offers us a chance to explore our own relationship with war. While it may sound passive and irresponsible on the surface, how we meet even the most basic activities internally, supports how we meet things, especially conflict, externally. So how do we [...]

Dialogs With My Teacher #6

Is thinking about it as an experience the very thing that keeps me from resting in this open space continually?

Being the Expanse

One of the biggest parts of our practice, then, is to neither indulge our feelings nor avoid them. We should just meet them with a committed openness so that we can witness them and therefore become free of our attachment to them. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel anything. Becoming numb to our feelings [...]

ISmile79 – Uncovering the Kosmic Giggle

Click here to listen to Michael’s talk. To subscribe to this podcast, paste this address directly into a podcast aggregator. This will automatically download new discussions on a regular basis. The easiest option is to download the new iTunes software and subscribe to this podcast from the Religion & Spirituality list. ____ Despite the fact [...]

ISmile51 – From Affinity to Infinity and Back

In this talk, Michael relates Gandhi’s quote, “True beauty is my aim” to Awakening. A mind that doesn’t identify with thought, and a body that isn’t addicted to the senses, meet in the vast spaciousness of an open heart. It is here that compassion flows freely from us, even as we eat breakfast. Questions relate [...]