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Dialogs With My Teacher #57

January 13, 2011 (#57) Student: If every single thing that arises is the Infinite seeing itself, what does that say about evil acts? Michael: Evil acts are the embodiment of individual or collective unconsciousness. They vary in degree, but they all are sourced from a fear of loss. And as we’ve discussed, actions sourced from [...]

When Satan Starts to Gasp

The Washington Post ran an interesting Deepak Chopra article on the evolution of “evil.” …the Devil is the embodiment of absolute evil, the kind that admits no other explanation. His fortunes decline when valid explanations are at hand. It seems to make most sense to me that evil is a blunt and inaccurate expression of [...]

Attachment Alert: Rush Limbaugh Is Evil!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve received several inquiries relating to how any of us could possibly “let go” of that man called Rush and all of the unconsciousness that he spits out over the airwaves each day. For the record, my preference is to choose music over talk whenever I can. I should [...]

Authentic Communication

Communicating either with those not familiar with the Path or with those who reject it outright can be challenging. Unconsciousness is just about the most contagious ailment that humans carry, but Awakening doesn’t depend on another’s ability to share each step with us along the Path. Rather, Awakening can only ever depend on our ability [...]