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ISmile335 – Living Dangerously

If we’re willing to follow our fear and our negativity with our whole being, according to Michael, we are offered an opportunity to awaken. The loosening of our individual consciousness into a universal awareness is the byproduct of an authentic meditation practice that helps us face these fears and negativity with grace. Watching the bondage [...]

The Emotional Aspect of the Sacred

Miriam Greenspan’s article, The Dark Side of the Sacred, comes to us from integral praxis. Emotions live in the body. It is not enough simply to talk about them, to be a talking head. We need to focus our attention on emotions where they live. This willingness to be present allows the emotion to begin [...]

Being the Expanse

One of the biggest parts of our practice, then, is to neither indulge our feelings nor avoid them. We should just meet them with a committed openness so that we can witness them and therefore become free of our attachment to them. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel anything. Becoming numb to our feelings [...]

Feelings as Thoughts

To get a little technical, feelings are deep thoughts. Consider that all of our sensations are energetic bodily states of various levels of intensity that are interpreted and then given a contextual meaning by the mind. For example, if you feel pain, what is actually being noticed by the mind is an intensity that corresponds [...]