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Dialogs With My Teacher #52

December 28, 2010 (#52) Student: What is the difference between knowing and believing? Michael: Both are activities of the mind that can be useful. If, for instance, you know something, you generally have some kind of evidence to back up your mental position. With belief you don’t need the same evidence. In fact, very often, [...]

Will the real Thay please, uh, sit down?

I’ve long appreciated the in-your-face approach of Brad Warner. This doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with him or his sentiments. In fact, much of the time I find that his ways of communicating takes away from the wisdom he offers. But I do find myself smiling at his fearlessness. I also find myself smiling [...]

To what extent should I keep my spiritual guard up?

Commuter Zen #75 Tweet

Why is questioning so important?

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ISmile296 – Awakening to Deeper Love

For the ego, misery is a far better choice than the Mystery, especially when it comes to relationships. Centering our entire being in the heart of our experience as a Witnessing awareness helps change this orientation and has the potential to end the cycle of our suffering. How’s it done? The minute our lives are [...]

ISmile292 – Dancing with Challenges

What would it be like to be able to welcome any challenge as an invitation into awakening? Our relationship to our troubles determines the answer to this question. Are we avoiding anything? Are we at war? Harboring ill-will? Acting from desperation? Hungry for something, anything, other than what’s actually happening? Are you going for pleasure [...]

ISmile279 – Vid: How to Block Your Progress on the Spiritual Path

There are several things, according to Michael McAlister, that can get in the way of realization as we deepen our spiritual practice. Among the issues, sleepiness, insomnia, arrogance, fear, doubt, attachment, pain, restlessness, boredom, and avoidance. Getting caught by any of these experiences works against the potential of opening to a life sourced from an [...]

ISmile246 – Doubt: Wonder with an Attitude

“Getting caught by our doubt inhibits our enlightenment just like any other attachment.”