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ISmile340 – Like Your Own Eyes

In this mashup of two talks, Michael uses the phrase from Dogen Zenji’s instructions to the cook, where he suggests that each grain of rice be handled carefully, “as if it were your own eyes.” Treating our lives this way helps us awaken to the truth that any Tathagatha, or person who actually sees reality, [...]

ISmile305 – Extraordinary Ordinariness

Do we have the courage to be truly ordinary? It’s a great question that helps us uncover whatever egoic attachments we might have about who we think we are and who we think we should be. Those individuals that can let go of these deep stories have an opportunity to share something deep and worthy: [...]

Encore Post – The Mask

This post was originally offered in June of 2008 as part of the book, Awake in This Life. ___ When the ego’s activity of identification begins to be exposed to a more expansive awareness within us, it begins to resist what it perceives as a loss of all it has worked so hard to achieve [...]

ISmile298 – The Steps to Freedom

Once we come to terms with the fact that nothing lasts, even the idea of clinging begins to lose its gravitational pull. Cultivating this opening has been taught in several traditions, with Eihei Dogen’s, “Eight Awakenings of Great Beings,” offering Zen students an excellent guide for achieving this goal. Looking closely at the Eight Awakenings, [...]

Norman Fischer writes for the NYT's Happy Days Blog

Last week’s  NYTimes.com posted a nice piece by Norman Fischer: As most people know, a Zen meditation retreat is not a vacation. Despite the silence and the beauty, despite the respite from the busyness, the experience can be grueling. The meditation practice is intense and relentless, the feeling in the hall rigorous and disciplined. We [...]

Dogen’s Debut

If only my Japanese was a little better… guess I’ll wait for the subtitled version. Still, this ought to be an interesting cinematic ride. This trailer got to me first from Dosho Port at Wild Fox Zen, then Rev. Danny Fisher talked about it. Finally, Rod Meade Sperry over at Shambhala Sun Space mentioned it, [...]

The Drunk as the Bodhisattva

Over at Tricycle, Alexandra Kolyanides posts a wonderful bit on Faulkner’s advice to writers back when he won the Nobel Prize. I was struck by how his words sounded like the Path. The young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make [...]

Nothing Personal

As we come off the Mountain of Spirit, we recognize how little about us needs to be defended. This is because we have begun to build lives out of our realization of Emptiness. This Emptiness is the Source of everything. This Source, once again, is totally still and gives birth to all that moves. It [...]