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Breaking Through the Dharma Wall

Ben Hutchison’s piece for The Under 35 Project is a great reminder of how our path unfolds when we are no longer caught by the path itself. In practicing Buddhism, in whatever form or lineage you choose, there is going to be loss and disappointment. As Dogen writes in Genjokoan, “flowers fall amid our longing and weeds [...]

ISmile236 – Turning Spiritual Lead Into Gold

“Intimacy with our pain reveals pain to be little more than intensity to which we’ve attached thoughts.”

Disappointment in Your Spiritual Teachers

Great post. I’ve written about this before but it’s always helpful to revisit the issue. What do we do when our spiritual guides don’t quite measure up to our own expectations of them? Can recognizing their limitations actually help free the wisdom the have to offer us? Bows, Integral Life. Tweet