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Upcoming Day-long Retreat in Marin

Winter 2013 Day-long Intensive No Such Thing As A Mistake Saturday, February 9th, 2013 GREEN GULCH  FARM ZEN CENTER We only have a few spots left! This one-day sitting will involve sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks, Q & A and, by request, private interviews with Michael. Confirmation will be sent to you when your $80 payment is [...]

ISmile329 – At Peace With Death

It’s about meeting every experience without avoidance or greed. In this radical honesty fearlessness will always reign.

ISmile307 – Moving From Fear To Love

In this talk, Michael explores the inherent limitations that fear puts on each of us. At the beginning of the talk he asks how we might live if we knew we couldn’t fail. How might this alter our approach to life? Without the constant threat of failure, he argues, we would be able to approach [...]

We’re Streaming This Weekend’s Retreat… Care To Watch?

Even if you can’t join us in person, we’d love to include you. You can watch here on this blog, or you can also view the talks as well as the Q & A sessions by clicking here. Talk Schedule: Friday – 7:30pm PST Saturday – 11:25am PST Saturday – 3:30pm PST Sunday – 7:30am PST [...]

ISmile279 – Vid: How to Block Your Progress on the Spiritual Path

There are several things, according to Michael McAlister, that can get in the way of realization as we deepen our spiritual practice. Among the issues, sleepiness, insomnia, arrogance, fear, doubt, attachment, pain, restlessness, boredom, and avoidance. Getting caught by any of these experiences works against the potential of opening to a life sourced from an [...]

ISmile277 – When The Bottom Falls Out From Underneath Us

In this Dharma talk, Michael discusses what’s required when great doubt begins to pervade our practice as well as our experience. When it feels like we’re dying inside and despair arises, he suggests that it is imperative that we keep going with our work, continually engaging an even deeper curiosity and wonder about what is actually happening [...]

ISmile276 – The Body, The Breath and Space

In this evening’s Dharma talk, Michael presents his view on how the attention paid to the body and the breath offers us a path to an expanse beyond words. It is here we receive an invitation to the truth beyond name and form. The Holy, in other words, reveals itself in the mundane at this [...]

ISmile275 – These Awakenings Starts With Forgiveness

In this evening’s Dharma talk, Michael suggests that an authentic spiritual path must begin with the simple act of forgiveness. Uncovering what we can’t forgive allows for us to familiarize ourselves with the egoic blocks to deepening our practice as well as any potential for awakening. ___ Click on the player below, in order to [...]