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Dialogs With My Teacher #35

Here’s another installment in a series of emails that took place between Michael and one of his senior students beginning the Summer of 2009. May you find the exchange interesting and enriching. ___ August 14, 2010 (#26) Student: Is there a perfect time to break from the sweetness of teacher? Won’t this be known and happen naturally, [...]

Occupy Integral! As long as it’s really Integral.

The Integral Movement fascinates me. At its most basic level, Ken Wilber’s work offers any of us on the path a map that helps us to look at our own spiritual development and integrates it with everything else in an evolving world. Hence, “Integral.” At its best, Integral clarifies our position in the relative realm when [...]

The 20 Questions That Can Transform

I think Martha Beck offers us a good article that covers some of the more important questions to be asked by any person on the spiritual path. 1. What questions should I be asking myself?At first I thought asking yourself what you should be asking yourself was redundant. It isn’t. Without this question, you wouldn’t [...]

ISmile299 – Integrating Big Self with Small Self

Our work, as practitioners, ultimately centers itself around our ability to shift our perspective from what is contracted to that which is utterly expansive. Once we see this new, more comprehensive view, our work evolves toward integrating this new vision with our old perspective. This dance back and forth becomes a way of living that [...]

Encore: ISmile105 – The Three Levels of Practice

This podcast was originally offered in February of 2006. ___ In tonight’s talk, Michael discusses how our practice can be light, medium or deep. Deep practice takes us to the ragged edge of our personal limitations and in the process show us the view of the Impersonal. Questions and comments deal with consciously letting the [...]

ISmile282 – The Eightfold Path

In this Dharma talk, Michael McAlister discusses the Buddhist version of supporting an embodied awakening: The Eightfold Path. This methodology, as articulated in Buddhist tradition, was the fourth of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and shows us how to live a life free of suffering. Consideration is given to how these traditional instructions are built [...]

Video: Ken Wilber on States and Stages

Recognizing the territory on this map is key to our journey. Confusing the map with the territory itself, to borrow the phrase, traps us in mind all over again. Tweet

Commuter Zen #27

Does the quality of our love change as our practice deepens? Tweet