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After all of this sitting, why am I still so screwed up?

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What should a beginner expect from our meditation group?

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How does meditation practice develop over time?

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ISmile286 – Radical Honesty and the Great Matter

In this video-taped Dharma talk, Michael McAlister explains how we can lie lives rooted in deep, or radical, honesty. Once we start to do this we can find that there is no longer a compulsion to either establish or cling to an identity. Once we lose our grip on our identity, or our identity loses [...]

The Benefits of Long Term Practice

Buddhist Geeks offer another interesting podcast with Joseph Goldstein. Buddhist Geeks: Joseph Goldstein on the Benefits of Long Term Practice Tweet

Real Humility

Over at the Washington Post’s, On Faith section, John Mark Reynolds makes the point that humility supports our spiritual evolution. He also suggests that we have little control over God’s plan for us: The events that impact a nation are ultimately in God’s hands. Because God loves human beings, He does not always give us [...]