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Will the real Thay please, uh, sit down?

I’ve long appreciated the in-your-face approach of Brad Warner. This doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with him or his sentiments. In fact, much of the time I find that his ways of communicating takes away from the wisdom he offers. But I do find myself smiling at his fearlessness. I also find myself smiling [...]

2010′s Top Ten Buddhist News Stories

The Rev. Danny Fisher offered up this worthwhile read: If nothing else, 2010 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the more interesting years in terms of the growing awareness of Buddhism in the Western world.  Among other things, “Buddhism” was a top Google search, PBS headlined a two-hour documentary feature entitled The Buddha, and [...]

What’s Right and Wrong With a Mosque at Ground Zero?

The most recent flap over whether or not to put a mosque near NYC’s ground zero has struck a chord for many. Although its okay for a strip club to be located nearby, a mosque crosses the line. Robert Wright does a nice job in his essay on the topic for the NYT, and Shambala [...]

Discussions of Ken Wilber

I’ve enjoyed the controversy surrounding the Ken Wilber camp over the past few years. Some people worship Wilber, others can neither tolerate his personality nor his work. Situations like this breed attachment and attachment always leads to interesting situations. As far as I’m concerned, Wilber has had a significant impact on both the pedagogy and [...]