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ISmile339 – Dealing With Conflict

What happens when we are in the midst of disagreement?  This can apply to a marriage, a friendship, a community or (perhaps especially) a legislative debate or an election. The Buddha had some thoughts on this as noted in the famed Quarrel of Kosambi, where he offers some guidance. Engaging in the practice of right [...]

ISmile332 – Dealing With War

The Zen saying “Drinking this cup of green tea, I stop the war” offers us a chance to explore our own relationship with war. While it may sound passive and irresponsible on the surface, how we meet even the most basic activities internally, supports how we meet things, especially conflict, externally. So how do we [...]

Will the Youth Change Buddhism?

Over at Dharma Folk, kudos makes an interesting series of points about the decline of faith among the world’s youth: In this generation, the youth communicate through text messages, Facebook wall posts, and AIM instant messages. They express themselves through emoticons and profiles, identify themselves with online communities and Facebook groups, and voice concerns through [...]