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Care for Some Peace & Quiet?

Spring 2011 Weekend Retreat Living from Abundance Friday, March 18 – Sunday, March 20 MOUNT MADONNA CENTER Despite the fact that many of us are feeling depleted or lacking in some way, there is a timeless teaching that can potentially shift our perspective.  Imagine living from a place where, instead of feeling like a great deal [...]

The Fall Infinite Smile Potluck – 2010

May all beings be happy. Tweet

A Zen Retreat, A Buddhist Farm Offers A Place Away From Money, Stress And BlackBerrys – CBS News

This was a nice surprise. On CBS Sunday Morning, Green Gulch Farm was featured as a way to escape. Of course, if you’re really doing the practice, it’s not about escape, but about facing everything and avoiding nothing. (p.201) Read the article here. Share/Save/Bookmark Tweet

The Smile

If humor is totally absent from this practice, then what’s any of this worth? —Question from a renegade Zen student Okay… who took my robe? —Question from the same Zen student some days later After engaging in a spiritual practice with some degree of diligence, it is easy to lose sight of the humor that [...]