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Dialogs With My Teacher #55

January 10, 2011 (#55) Student: What is the most enlightened way to communicate with someone who is very difficult? Michael: The same way I’ve suggested that you speak to someone who complains a lot; listen deeply and speak from a place of open generosity. Student: But what if they’re totally narcissistic and seemingly uninterested in [...]

If the essence of awakening is beyond words, why talk about it?

Commuter Zen #56 Tweet

What is our duty to others?

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Communicating Through Insecurities

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Enlightened and Enlightening Relationships

This is a reposting of an excerpt from the book, Awake in This Life, entitled “Relationships.” It was first posted in May, 2008. ___ Among the richest areas for practice is relationship. Many of us, whether we are in a committed relationship or not, tend to have our connections with people inform most if not [...]

Redux: Authentic Communication

From Chapter 5 of AiTL: …words are the way we articulate mind, and the most profound spiritual experiences transcend the mind’s boundaries. This gap leaves the mind groping for signs and signifiers with which to communicate meaning. Words are what our minds create in order to participate in the arena of circumstance; in contrast, profound [...]

Talk to Me

Jurrian Kamp at Ode Magazine offers an interview with Ken Wilber that addresses, among other things, how to use the most effective language in dealing with the issue of global warming: Other cultures, Wilber argues, may respond to the threat of global warming from different values. African cultures are dominated by feudal clans, he says, [...]

Authentic Communication

Communicating either with those not familiar with the Path or with those who reject it outright can be challenging. Unconsciousness is just about the most contagious ailment that humans carry, but Awakening doesn’t depend on another’s ability to share each step with us along the Path. Rather, Awakening can only ever depend on our ability [...]