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How did you get here?

Commuter Zen #95 Tweet

Christianity Enriched by Buddhism

Susan Stabile offers us an interesting read over at the HuffingtonPost: … Buddhism has helped me understand in a richer way some of the truths of Christianity. Although expressed in different terms, many of the truths of Buddhism have resonance in Christianity (another subject I explore in some detail in “Growing in Love and Wisdom”). The [...]

Why the Young Are Losing Their Religion

A student at Duke offers up this interesting article in the Huffington Post: Newspapers and op-ed writers have noted that more and more members of the younger generations are turning away from Christianity. As a college student, I can tell you that from personal experience, this is true. The statistics are correct. Fewer college students [...]

ISmile325 – Video: Comparing Christian and Buddhist Versions of Love

In this video, Michael discusses the idea of love as inspired by Paul’s letter to Corinthians, Chapter 13. He then compares the Christian version of love to a decidedly Buddhist interpretation, drawing on the idea that love can be seen as a simple, felt sense of the Infinite. Michael’s inspiration for this talk came out of [...]

ISmile302 – Living Without Distortion

This podcast features one of Michael’s students, Gina Rocca, who offers an introductory talk prior to a previous sitting. Gina’s beautiful talk is then followed up by one of Michael’s talks as well as Q & A. ___ Michael addresses the enlightened message of several traditions and suggests that they begin to intertwine at some [...]

Resurrections Leading to Insurrections

I’m continually struck by Peter Rollins approach to Christianity. It’s sober, relevant and in keeping with the way that I try to approach Zen. Tweet

Attachment Alert: How fundamentalism begets fundamentalism

Jeff Sharlet writes on Killing the Buddha about how Christian fundamentalism helped turn Somalia into the next staging ground for Islamic radicalism. Tweet

Holy War?

Here’s a very thoughtful post by James Wellman on Christianity’s misplaced cheerleading: One of the questions that plagues my study of American religion is why there is such a frequent close correspondence between American Christianity and war making. This question displays my own liberal Protestant belief that violence should always be a last resort, and [...]