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Why is it easier to come out as gay than to come out as a Buddhist?

Commuter Zen #90 Tweet

ISmile302 – Living Without Distortion

This podcast features one of Michael’s students, Gina Rocca, who offers an introductory talk prior to a previous sitting. Gina’s beautiful talk is then followed up by one of Michael’s talks as well as Q & A. ___ Michael addresses the enlightened message of several traditions and suggests that they begin to intertwine at some [...]

ISmile283 – Buddhism’s Eight Winds Fanning the Fire of Resolve

In this Dharma talk, Michael McAlister offers his take on the “fire” needed to keep our spiritual life moving towards deeper and deeper levels of maturity. He suggests that these lives that we’re leading are complete as they are and provide us with all the necessary tools needed to live the experiment that leads us [...]

Egoic Block, Dharma Bomb

I recently gave a Dharma talk that seemed to just bomb. I’m used to this, though. My A-game isn’t always there now that little kids have been brought into my world. Sleep is a luxury and meditation can easily get interrupted. Dirty diapers, in my current world, trump meditative samadhi. Is there such a thing [...]

Lama Surya Das on Christ and the Buddha

Lama Surya Das explains the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. Tweet

The Last Temptation of Christ and Blaspheme

I liked this post from Rev. Danny Fisher, about one of my favorite films, The Last Temptation of Christ (now available on Hulu.com): Speaking about the film, its “blasphemous” qualities, and the international outrage surrounding the project, I think critic Roger Ebert put it perfectly when he wrote: What makes The Last Temptation of Christ [...]

Sing It, Girl!

Jonathan Bartley over at the guardian.co.uk points out how the Virgin Mary might have looked better in red. There is a tendency to think of Mary as a victim – a slightly passive but worthy virgin, chosen to bear the god-child because she has wouldn’t hurt a first-century fly. But Mary’s response is not one [...]

Capital "K" Knowing

When the Eighth Sense reveals itself from the tenderness of the Ninth Sense, we give our experience over to what we might call a “conscious awareness.” We have previously called this Knowing. Using the capital “K” implies that it is an unattached version of recognition, far different from the regular, attached, egoic, lower case “k” [...]