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ISmile331 – Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

“This deep, spiritual work,” according to Michael, “is ultimately, is about resolve.” In Stephen Batchelor’s, Buddhism Without Beliefs, this idea of committed, fearlessness is supported where he suggests that we continually take accurate stock of our lives and then live from this place of honesty with resolve. While these suggestions are simple, they are not necessarily [...]

How does your teaching change depending on who’s sitting in front of you?

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ISmile290 – From Our Misery to the Mystery

In this Dharma talk, Michael addresses how the ego is more comfortable with its own misery than it is uncovering the mystery of existence. This presents some problems for most of us since we rarely have either the courage or the guidance to move past this kind of psychological or spiritual block. Failing to move [...]

The Trap of This or That

David Marshall writes an intelligent response to one of my recent posts that I thought I’d share. To my assertion that the Source of all agency might be a more accurate, albeit partial, representation of what we often call God, he says: I think this is debatable if I am understanding you correctly. Of course he’s [...]

ISmile48 – What’s Happening In This Very Awareness?

In this dialog, Michael McAlister delves into our simple and always immediate choice: do we stay in our familiar state of habitual contraction, or do we allow for a resonant expanse to lead us directly into the heart of an immediate Awareness. His students then take the dialog into issues involving the difference between “knowing” [...]