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The Deepest Inquiry

As we learn to stop moving, we come to the realization that there is a largely unfamiliar part of us that has never and will never move at all. Re-familiarizing ourselves with this space is an amazing, often tear-filled homecoming into grace. The mystery is that we are individually and collectively each quite homesick for [...]

Just Sitting

As heady as all of these words might strike us, pointing to Infinity is fairly simple. In fact, everything is Infinity, so there is no way to avoid it. Knowing this deeply, all things change to reflect our realization, and we begin to inhabit a different place of being. Just sitting still ignites a mysterious [...]

Sit Still, Be Quiet

Unfortunately for our greedy egos, awakening to an enlightened perspective cannot happen without stillness. You might be one of those exceedingly rare individuals who awakens without the support of either a teacher or a regular stillness practice. But the Enlightenment that the mystics and sages speak about can only ever show up through stillness. As [...]

Avoidance vs. Stillness

There is a difference between consciously aligning our lives from stillness and not feeling any need to get out of bed in the morning. A commitment to stillness doesn’t mean that we should absolve ourselves of any directed activity. This is simple laziness, which is nothing other than avoidance, and avoidance is an attachment to [...]

In Body: Stillness

The meditative mind is silent. It is beyond thought…[T]he meditative mind is the religious mind—the mind that is not touched by the church, the temples or by chants… Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. —J. Krishnamurthi Be still and know that I am God. —Psalm [...]

Let Go of Even More

It can be helpful to know that, regardless of our situation, whenever we make a decision, we always have three options: 1) we can leave the circumstance, 2) we can act to change the circumstance, or 3) we can completely surrender to the circumstance. There really isn’t anywhere else we can possibly go. Even if [...]

Let Go

A practitioner at a retreat that I was leading challenged me to simplify Awakening into as few words as possible. Amazing, I thought silently, we are always looking for ways to speed up the process. Of course, I was including myself in this commentary since I had asked basically the same question of my teacher [...]

The Stream

A teacher once told me that real spiritual practice was analogous to quieting life’s stream. Meditation begins to slow the flow of everything in our lives. As the rush of life’s stream begins to lose intensity, we can observe the stones upon the riverbed that impede the free and unobstructed flow of our living. As [...]