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The Stage of Mind

One practice that can help us become more conscious is to look at our typical, circumstantial condition by comparing it to a theatrical experience. Imagine that the stage in a theater is our “mind.” On this stage of mind is a brilliant actor called the “ego.” On this stage, the ego acts out a drama [...]

Two Truths

Many teaching traditions speak of two kinds of truth: Absolute Truth, or what has been called the “Ultimate realm”; and the everyday truth, or what has been called the “circumstantial realm.” Our day-to-day lives are filled with lots of ordinary circumstances. We get up, brush our teeth, change some diapers, get the paper, shower, feed [...]

The Mask

When the ego’s activity of identification begins to be exposed to a more expansive awareness within us, it begins to resist what it perceives as a loss of all it has worked so hard to achieve over the years. The more we pay attention to exactly what is going on, the more we begin to [...]


Once you label me, you negate me. —Søren Kirkegaard The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self. —Albert Einstein One of the most interesting and powerful ways that attachment shows up in our interior landscape is through the process of identification. [...]

The Shift

Many seasoned spiritual seekers mistakenly believe that in order to experience living as a Big Self, they need to destroy the ego, or small self. But this idea is one of the greatest misunderstandings that new practitioners make as they ascend the Mountain of Spirit. Getting rid of the ego is a massive impediment to [...]

The Builder of Boundaries

From the point of view of quantum mechanics, separation doesn’t really exist. At least that’s what scientists keep telling us. I don’t pretend to understand very much when it comes to quantum physics, but its implications point us in an interesting direction when it comes to discussions about the experience of being a “self.” For [...]

Just Words

At this point, it might be helpful to go over a few words in order to stay clear. For instance, when I speak of wisdom, I’m referring to the knowing that flourishes beyond the separate sense of self—we could call it Knowing with a capital “K.” Wisdom is beyond the judgments and evaluations of the [...]


It has not deserted its creation for a place apart; it is always present to those with strength to touch it. —Plotinus In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few. —Shunryu Suzuki Although living a life sourced from a sense of separation consistently leads to suffering, separation [...]