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ISmile334 – Engaging Life As Its Witness

In this talk, Michael walks meditators through the rough stages of spiritual ascendancy. With practice, he shows, the egoic structures as their practice deepens. He goes on to suggest that the felt-sense of what’s real is what we call, “love.” Also, he talks about the spiritual journey, from his own writing, where he suggests that [...]

Stages of Meditation from Integral Life

In this interview posted on Integral Life, originally included in The Collected Works of Ken Wilber: Volume IV, Ken offers an in-depth description of each of the major state-stages of meditative practice—ranging from psychic absorption, to subtle illumination, to causal transcendence, to the ultimate nondual embrace of form and Emptiness.   Q: We would like you to [...]

ISmile245 – Dancing With Questions

“It’s not that you get stillness, it’s that stillness gets you.”