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Interpretations of Awakening

In his blog post, Tom Stine notes: The only “criteria” I have for awakening is seeing, truly seeing, beyond the self, the “I”, the “me” that everyone thinks they are. When that is seen through, completely through, it is as if one has awakened from a dream, a dream of self. One then knows oneself [...]

The Mask

When the ego’s activity of identification begins to be exposed to a more expansive awareness within us, it begins to resist what it perceives as a loss of all it has worked so hard to achieve over the years. The more we pay attention to exactly what is going on, the more we begin to [...]

Just Words

At this point, it might be helpful to go over a few words in order to stay clear. For instance, when I speak of wisdom, I’m referring to the knowing that flourishes beyond the separate sense of self—we could call it Knowing with a capital “K.” Wisdom is beyond the judgments and evaluations of the [...]