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Blazingly Honest New Book Presents Introspective New Way of Living


Awake in This Life by Michael McAlister is a functional guidebook for achieving a more fulfilling and conscious life


PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (May, 2008) –Awake in This Life, a new book by Michael McAlister, is a timely inspection of personal fulfillment and gives useful guidelines for living life to its fullest.

While so many people in today’s world have become frustrated by living with a faith that is no longer inspiring, author McAlister “offers an alternate approach that integrates teachings from each of the major wisdom traditions in humorous, insightful and practical ways that allow us to live lives of wholeness and integrity.” Giving readers the tools to make positive changes in their lives, McAlister uses personal experiences from his journey by dividing the book into three sections: the Climb, the Summit, and the Return.

After observing his own frustrations with his life after college, McAlister began looking for spiritual meaning that had depth and integrity. He examined several religious practices and found a home in Zen meditation, which he embraced for several years. His newfound fulfillment inspired him to explore other meditative traditions leading him to study Buddhist teachings in monasteries in Thailand and Nepal. Inspired by his meetings and dialogues with Buddhist masters, McAlister began a blog. Due to requests for a written curriculum, McAlister felt moved to fully document his teachings.

More than a helpful life manual, Awake in This Life is a clear articulation of how to make the best of the life one is given to live.  McAlister’s Awake in This Life should be required reading for anyone who wishes to uncover a calmness in today’s busy world.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at or at the author’s website at Awake in This Life is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Michael McAlister leads retreats, intensives and weekly meditation gatherings, and enjoys outdoor activities in his free time. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Pleasant Hill, Calif.

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