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The Triple Treasure: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha


ISmile343 – Zen, Sin, Jihad and Other Stickiness

In this talk, Michael describes ways that our walk along the path can get difficult. But this difficulty can be met with our full heart and mind if we meet our challenges with care. Even when we miss the mark, or sin, as Michael points out, we are provided with a perfect opportunity for practicing [...]

Stillness. Wisdom. Compassion.

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Meditation Is No Fad. It Could Make Your Career…

The recognition of meditations professional application, in my view, is such a welcome sign. I should also say that I’ve enjoyed my experiences at Wisdom 2.0 conferences. My only concern with the article centers around the suggestion in the piece that the “code” of “enlightenment” is something that some teachers say can be cracked. While [...]

ISmile342 – The Qualities of Awakening

In this evening’s talk, Michael describes the benefits of sangha as a shortcut to uncovering our pre-existing enlightened mind. He further goes into the ways that Awakening manifests in each of us as a series of qualities that show up as being at once conscious and, at the same time, spontaneous. In other words, this [...]

ISmile341 – No Such Thing as a Mistake

Ultimately, according to Michael’s talk, given at a recent one-day retreat, there are no mistakes. There are, rather, only opportunities that the mind evaluates. If we can short-circuit this addiction to evaluation we can begin to approach the way we meet the world differently. Shifting from a position where life is filled with problematic situations [...]

ISmile340 – Like Your Own Eyes

In this mashup of two talks, Michael uses the phrase from Dogen Zenji’s instructions to the cook, where he suggests that each grain of rice be handled carefully, “as if it were your own eyes.” Treating our lives this way helps us awaken to the truth that any Tathagatha, or person who actually sees reality, [...]