ISmile 350 – E Pluribus Unum … For Real

Out of many, one. It’s more than just a slogan on our money. It’s also part of our Path. In this talk, Michael relates the expression to realization and practice.

ISmile 349 – A New Path To Be In The World

In this talk, Michael discusses ways of realigning one’s approach to life from resistance to acceptance.

iSmile 348 – Pointing Toward Enlightenment

No person, no group and no teaching will awaken any of us unless we uncover what’s past the “pointing finger” so to speak. Ultimately, as Michael says, we have to do the work ourselves. When we’re ready to really trust the Universe and its flow, we’ll see that we are always given what we need to awaken.

iSmile 347 – Calamity’s Twin

The day of the Boston Marathon bombing, Michael points to how tragedy’s conjoined twin is heroism. As awful as horror can be, practice supports a simple but profound recognition that there is inspiration available everywhere in every moment. As vulnerable as we may feel, we are also given a chance to be strong.

iSmile 346 – Cool Communication With Those That Are Hot

Speaking effectively with those individuals who can’t, or won’t, listen is one of the most challenging human endeavors. Practicing constructive exchanges, with surrender, deep listening and clarity of intention, is the work. Michael points out, with an excerpt from HIS BOOK, that constructive connection is as simple as shifting one’s perspective inward so as to study our own sticking points. Knowing these, we can let go of them. At this surrendered point, effective communication has a chance to unfold.

iSmile 345 – The Realm Beyond Right and Wrong

Days after the Boston bombing, Michael offered this talk about how all of us have the capacity to cling and become unconscious. He also points out that we all have the ability to move past clinging so that we can truly “run again” by looking outside of ourselves and by looking inside. The look inside, at both our darkness and our heroic tendencies, he argues, allows for a “co-evolution” with all beings in an ever-expanding Universe.

iSmile 344 – Stopping the Chase

What happens when we really stop? Really. Stop. This question can guide us into an openness that may fundamentally alter our lives. Imagine life without the sniff & scurry, the shake, rattle & roll. Imagine a life where we get past our tendency to chase our own tails. Breaking our addiction to movement, that so many of us have, helps us get past suffering… which is at the core of the Buddha’s teaching.

The Triple Treasure: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha