Those who forget the Now…

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Michael Paulson writes of last night’s screening of “Milk” for this morning’s Boston Globe:

California is facing a measure that would restrict gay rights amidst a national debate over how the nation’s legal framework should view homosexuality. The conservative religious community throws its muscle behind the proposition. And the gay community protests. Sound familiar?

To bust up George Santayana’s quote a little: those who forget the Now are condemned to repeat the past.

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  1. Laura

    It makes sense that if you accept that all things are temporary you can appreciate what you have right now all the more and not worry so much about what’s to come. But, even if you accept that nothing is permanent, it does still matter on this physical plane whether you lose a relationship in 50 years by dying peacefully in your sleep after a fabulous life filled with friends, family and chocolate chip cookies v. losing someone you care about tomorrow in a horrible accident. I get the point intellectually but it doesn’t make me want to stop trying to influence outcomes. Also, my ego asked me to tell you that it objects to the insinuation that it’s just in it for the job security. 😉

  2. Michael McAlister

    All good points, Laura. And it’s true that in the conventional world there are hierarchies of everything. But from an awakened perspective, our orientation shifts from the attack and defense postures associated with preservation of these hierarchies, into (and out of) what is forever prior to their construction. Ego should really object to this last statement. 😉

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