Ten Pointers on How to Meditate with Very Little Buddhas

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Loved this piece on meditating with little ones. I haven’t been as successful at this as Kara is.

My daily, morning half-hour meditation is a must-do.

Itís the first priority as soon as I wake up, and whenever possible, Iíll get up and do it before my toddler is out of bed.

There are times though when heís awake before me, and that means I meditate with him.

Iíve done this ever since he was a tiny baby Ė tiny enough to lie nestled on my lap, sleeping, while I meditated.

He out-grew that at about four months old, and now heís quite happy to play around me while I do my practice.

There are a few tricks Iíve learned along the way that make the whole process smoother though, and thatís what Iím going to share with you now.

via Ten tricks to meditating with a baby or toddler | elephant journal.

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