Telling Glenn Beck I’m a Buddhist for Social Justice… join me.

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Sojourners has set up a way to “report” ourselves to the appropriate authorities if we espouse social justice in our interpretation of sacred scripture.

Feel free to join me. Here’s my report:

Dear Mr. Beck,

I’m a Buddhist who believes in the compassionate call to social justice upon which so many historical wisdom traditions base their teachings.

I stand in support of the traditions of the Hindu, Muslim, Hebrew, Buddhist and Christian prophets that echo the teaching of an infinite intention for justice in every aspect of our individual, social, and economic lives. Practicing this intention, after all, helps us embody the most sacred of all spiritual teaching, regardless of tradition.

With this in mind, I hereby “report” myself to you, and promise to report myself to the appropriate organizational authorities. I hope you’ll be hearing from them as well.


Michael McAlister

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  1. Ron Krumpos

    Supporting and promoting social justice are good Christian acts. They are also good Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan acts. It should be obligatory for all of us if we are to be truly human. Is Glenn Beck part of humanity?

  2. Frank

    What “social change”? Stealing money from the paychecks of those who work and giving it to those who choose not to work? A famous Chinese master taught: No work; no eat. He followed his own advice, too closely, when he became ill and couldn’t work…..Besides, who cares what Glen thinks? Quit being such a celebrity obsessed fanboy and go help some distressed sentient beings….

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