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  1. Erin

    What would it look like if the relationship were “serving”? While my partner may not actively be pursuing the same path as I, I notice my practice rubbing off on him in subtle ways. Perhaps we are serving each other and therefore living by example?

    1. Post

      I might not have been clear enough on this in the video, but our work is not dependent on anyone else. So yes, it is entirely possible and even appropriate that we be deeply connected with others that may not be on the path. This also applies to intimate relationships. What I have been noticing over time, is that if one party feels like they have to choose between the path or the relationship lots of dysfunction seems to arise. Choices need to be made at this juncture, and when this happens the relationship between practitioner and path as well as between partners evolves into something different. Make sense?

  2. Erin

    Yes. I think so. Perhaps I’ve already made a choice, and as a result, that evolution you mention has already begun. It may change again, as I make a stronger commitment to the practice. Maybe it is somewhat ever- changing.

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