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  1. Iris Alfonso-Giebus

    SPIRITUAL CRISES: non-attachment is not working for me concerning grief. Our civilization appears to have started as community-clan based, it seems UN-natural to apply non-attachment to loss of those we love and are integral & woven into our very being. I need to understand, my zafu sits waiting for me.

    1. Post

      Grief, as so many of us know, feels awful. The suffering often comes in waves and at times it’s pounding feels like it might keep us from breathing. This is natural. The teaching, in fact, points us in the direction of our suffering as a way of orienting our practice. This means that our deepest grief can act as an invitation to meet our experience of loss with our full awareness. If we can stand in the middle of this fire without trying to manipulate or adjust anything in order that we might insulate ourselves from any of the pain, we have a chance to deepen our experience. This approach to our darkness can be equated with diving beneath the surface of stormy waters. Each meditation helps this process along. This is what is meant by non-attachment. Put another way, our non-clinging to our feelings allows for them to play themselves out while we watch them. Rather than getting flung around by our pain, we can watch it. The more we watch it, the less psycho-spiritual energy is dedicated to our pain. As this energy dissipates, we may notice deep wells of peace are offered continually, even when our tears cloud our vision.

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