Dialogs With My Teacher #71

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May 3, 2011†

Student: What is jealousy?

Michael: Itís a brutal celebration of separation.

Student: Nice.

Michael: Is that all you wanted to talk about?

Student: No. Iím dealing with something pretty brutal and yet, at the same time, interesting… and it ties into jealousy.

Michael: Want to share?

Student: Sure. We got robbed yesterday. There is still love and light filling our home, but my kids arenít aware of it right now. Creativity is moving through me, trying to reassure my kids that we are still safe, even amidst the insecurity of an unpredictable life. How could it be otherwise? But Iím not sure yet how to help my kids feel the peace that Iím feeling.

Michael: Keep showing them that you feel peace. That very light will inspire them; slowly, perhaps, but it will inspire their own inner radiance.

Student: Yeah, Iíve kind of intuited that. Iím amazed actually at how the brutality of it all is recognized but it isnít crushing me as it might have some time back.

Michael: It sounds like the confidence you have in your practice is offering you something.

Student: Peace in the face of it all, maybe.

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