An Excerpt from an Interview with Adyashanti

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I have a lot of respect for Adyashanti and his approach to teaching. He’s genuine, honest, and has the capacity to creatively turn up the heat on his students.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview that Tami Simon did:

I no longer believe the next thought that I have. Iím not capable of actually believing a thought that happens. I have no control over what thoughts appear, but I canít believe that the thought is real or true or significant. And because no thought can be grasped as real, true, or significant, that itself has an experiential impact; it is the experience of freedom.

If somebody wanted to call that ďbeing beyond the gravitational force of the dream state,Ē fine, but I am always hesitant about claiming something. I always remind everybody I talk to that all I know is right now. I donít know about tomorrow. Tomorrow a thought could come by that could catch me, Velcro me, pull me into separation and delusion. I donít knowómaybe it will, maybe it wonít. I have no way of knowing that. All I know is right now.

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